The Truth About Why You Keep Getting a Yeast Infection After Intercourse

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Why is it that all over the internet people are asking "why do I keep getting a yeast infection after intercourse?" Now the thing that puzzles me is why, when it's obvious there is a link between yeast infection and sex, that people still persist in having sex knowing that they'll end up with a horrible infection.I just don't get it. Okay, I know it can be difficult, but why go through all the that pain and discomfort without first finding out what that link is and doing something about it? Well, here you'll learn just that...Let's first have a look at what causes yeast infections...They, or at least the symptoms, are caused by the Candida albicans fungi that reside in our bodies naturally. But they usually don't cause any problems because our bodies' friendly bacteria keep them in check, and so stops the fungus from growing and spreading through the body, causing the infections.But there are times when the numbers of your body's good bacteria are depleted to such an extent that there aren't enough to contain the fungus. The Truth About Why You Keep Getting A Yeast Infection After Intercourse The number of times you see "why do I keep getting a yeast infection after intercourse" asked on the Internet is alarming. Discover the truth about why you keep getting a yeast infection after sex, here, in this article. Yeast Infection After Intercourse - Whose Fault Is It Anyway? Yeast infection after intercourse is a fairly common occurrence. But why? And who's to blame? Discover here the link between yeast infection and intercourse, and, 5 simple steps to prevent recurring infections ruining your health. Yeast Infection Truth Yeast Infection Truth. Learn the truth about yeast infection. Yeast Infection Knowledge and truth. In this article you will get the yeast infection truth. This is the Only Clinically Proven & Unique 5 Step Holistic Candida Yeast Infection Cure System. Finding Out The Truth Canada Goose Sverige About Yeast Infection No More When it comes to infections of the genitals, people are often uncomfortable in telling others about their conditions, as they think that this somehow tells something about their sexual personality. Contrary to what most people think, a person can have a yeast infection even without having intercourse.When this happens the Candida albicans then 'overgrows' into a yeast infection. This can happen in any part of the body, but the most common are the warm, moist and dark places, such as the vagina, penis, mouth, anus, etc.No doubt you are taking, or have tried, prescription and / or over-the-counter sprays, creams, lotions, etc., to try to cure you infection. But, if you're like at least 50% of sufferers, you'll have become frustrated because the symptoms go away, only to keep returning, i.e. you get recurring yeast infections. I won't go into detail about why this is, but you should be aware that drugs only address the symptoms not the root causes of your infections.These underlying issues can be things like; having diabetes, overusing antibiotics, a lowered immune system, contraception, poor nutrition, a drug habit, steroids, stress, obesity, pregnancy, etc. So that the drugs you take for your infection aren't addressing anything like these.Now, this gets us back to why you keep getting a yeast infection after intercourse...Although intercourse or sex in any form cannot actually cause a yeast infection, it can definitely 'transfer' the infection back and forth between sexual partners. So let's say you have an infection and have sex with somebody who doesn't, you can pass the infection onto them, which will take some time to show up.Now let's say you take your drug-based meds and the 'symptoms' clear-up. As far as you're concerned your free of infection. But it's still in your system. And the next time you have sex with the partner, it will be transferred back to you, compounding the infection you already have. This is a vicious cycle that you need to break-out off.And the first step is to stop all sexual contact. I know it's tough, but we're talking about you and your partner(s)' health here. This is the first important step. The next is to discover which natural home remedies will work best for you in terms of actually curing your yeast infection. Now, there are many out there, too many to go over here, except to say they use things like herbs, diet, probiotics, homeopathy, supplements, and so on.But you don't have to spend weeks searching for these, you can get all the information you need in one downloadable report (see below) that thousands of women and men have successfully used to cure their yeast infections naturally, without expensive drugs with their horrible side effects. And they've stopped getting yeast infections after intercourse!

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